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When the existing floor or wall surface is already in poor condition, there are cavities, chipping and ubiquitous dust, stains and persistent dirt, and it is difficult to obtain them clean and in a proper technical condition, it is time to decide on renovation - modernization.

Auto detailing: keep old as new

More and more often offered and used service on the automotive services market. Workshops, studios and offices, ... auto detailing grow like mushrooms after rain. However, these places are not always properly prepared to provide high-quality services. As the employees themselves and the owners of professional auto detailing studios notice, auto-cosmetics, tools and lighting are all important, necessary and necessary. But if the room itself, its walls, ceiling and, above all, the floor are not adapted to the conditions in which they will work and the loads they will be subjected to, it is very difficult to achieve success. After all, it is the floor that is the element on which vehicles stand, workers move, dirt falls, tools can be put away. It is extremely important that it not only has high mechanical strength, but also that it is easy to clean, resistant to damage, does not dusty, does not reflect light. And if we add additional advantages to it - quieter, warmer, more comfortable and instantly - we will get a hint - how the right floor should be.

A horse like a human - likes comfort, deserves safety

For horse keepers, an extremely important advantage of the floor and wall cladding of boxes, corridors or accompanying rooms is their high durability, ease of maintenance and keeping clean.

Speedfloor in the Fire Department garage

Speedfloor at the service of the best.

Fitness floor / fitness floor

Falls of loads, spilled drinks, and especially sweat (and sometimes blood) are an integral part of the functioning of fitness facilities. By creating spaces for strength training, gymnastics, crossfit activities, etc. It should be remembered that not only durable and flexible, but also clean, fresh and safe (also biologically) fitness floors attract crowds of people interested in improving their physical condition and vitality.

Garage tiles - read tips on how to choose them correctly

When choosing the type of garage floor, the material it will be made of and the application technology, it is important to consider: what requirements will it have to meet and what do we expect from it?

Camping floor - the universal Speedfloor solution

In caravans, caravans or in the vestibules in front of them, one of the most important elements is the floor - easy to clean, safe to use and providing good insulation. Several solutions are used quite commonly. Most often, the floors are factory made with a coating that protects from the outside against the effects of moisture, salt or quartz particles - sand. Another issue is the maintenance of the floor from the inside. However, these coatings require renovation from time to time. However, which is the best option for repairing the floor? Should you use linoleum? How will carpet work? Maybe arrange additional boards or panels? Should you think about an extra layer of insulation?

The floor is ideal for warehouse and industrial spaces

Warehouses, hangars, production plants and workshops, depots and processing plants are the areas where floors are subjected to the greatest loads - greater than anywhere else. They must withstand the mechanical loads, i.e. work of forklifts and transport trucks, storage of materials, finished products, machines, shelves, as well as chemical loads, i.e. solids, liquids, gases or chemicals. It does not matter what type of floor it is, because it will not eliminate the occurrence of other factors. But in order to eliminate the effects of their impact or at least significantly reduce them, the choice of flooring is often of key importance.

Flooring for gyms and fitness rooms - quality, durability and hygiene

Whenever we talk about a gym or fitness rooms, we mainly think about sports centers, large fitness centers, group gyms, net gyms, indoor sports fields, as well as their technical and social facilities. And yet they can also be home gyms, rooms for individual exercises, adapted rooms for basements and outbuildings. However, one of the most important issues in each of these places is always the safety and comfort of customers and users.

Garage tiles? Resin in the workshop?

Before deciding on the type of floor for a garage, workshop or service, it is worth analyzing the types of loads that will occur during their operation, the properties and functions that the floor should meet, as well as the type and condition of the substrate under the floor. Correct analysis and selection of the flooring guarantee its effective and efficient functioning for a long time, and the actual costs, over time, may turn out to be much lower than the initial costs.

The floor in the garage - tiles worth putting on

In 60 minutes - with a guarantee for years. The modernization and modernization of the floor does not always have to mean: chisel, take away and make anew. Making a new floor or, if you prefer, a garage floor, must mean (if you don't want it) - once and for all.

Workshop floor - a floor that pays for itself

Money well invested can quickly bring you a profit, and the first few seconds can decide if and how much you earn this time. Do you remember? - when they see you, they write you,…, they will recommend to others, come back again, trust you, open their wallet. Let us look at ourselves: where and to whom are we ready to entrust our property, sometimes not small at all? How much more are we able to pay for certainty, security, for the expression of care for the entrusted property?

How to repair the floor - comparison of modernization systems

The following comparison is for generally available and widely used systems. It is obvious that solutions, e.g. with the use of resins, can be mentioned much cheaper, but also several times more expensive. Assuming that the condition of the substrate, conditions of implementation and target parameters of the floor are comparable, the Speedfloor solution (col. 2) deserves recognition.

Fair carpet - a floor worth attention

Invitations, catalogs, banners, roll-ups, photos, project, hostesses, …… the stand visible from a distance. You can see that a lot of money has been spent to make the promotion effective and the company well perceived! Cool!

Repair of expansion joints - contraction and technical joints

REPAIR COSTS proportional to THE AMOUNT OF THE REPAIR What's more, if we leave expansion joints unrepaired for a long time, their chipping will progress faster and faster. In special cases it may even result in a serious accident; examples:

Floor repair - how to prepare the substrate?

If we would like to focus on the generally treated topic of flooring, then by delving into its problems, each time we come to the point where one issue appears: the substrate. Maybe the phrase sounds innocent and general to some of us, but the subject should not be taken lightly. Whenever we talk about the quality of the "floor": a highway, a national road, a house, a production hall or a warehouse, a workshop, a church, a school or a house - we are talking not only about the surface, although it seems obvious, but also about the ground beneath it. surface. In most cases (if not in all of them), the quality of the substrate, its strength parameters and the method of preparation have a huge impact on the functioning and life of the "floor", and more specifically its surface.

Expansion joints - an important element of floors

One of the elements of concrete floors that are most often damaged are expansion joints, also known as expansion joints. Since they get damaged so often, are they even needed?

Decorative flooring - the new life of the restaurant

If you want to introduce changes, it is usually not enough to replace furniture, cutlery or cutlery. Even painting the walls in new colors, a new chandelier or wall lamps may turn out to be ineffective, although everything. Floor replacement usually turns out to be a much bigger problem, although so much depends on its condition and appearance. This element of the facility is constantly exploited, subjected to various types of loads, and works related to possible repair or replacement most often require closing the rooms for a certain period of time. It is completely different in the case of floors in the Speedfloor system. By using this solution, we avoid chipping, tearing off, taking away and doing everything anew, and in a quick, effective and relatively inexpensive way, we can modernize the floor in our premises.

An office with character - so little is needed

In many cases, the modernization of an office, restaurant or store, raising its standard or giving it a new character, freshness and modernization does not have to be associated with a long break in work, dust, dirt and incurring high costs. It doesn't have to mean chaining, picking, hauling away and doing everything anew. Sometimes is enough? new floor and a few details.

Quick modernization of the floor: no production interruptions - it's possible!

It can be laid on any surface, it can withstand the pressure of even very heavy industrial machines, dampens vibrations and soundproofing, and it does not require stopping production lines during renovation - these are just a few of the many advantages that the SpeedFloor floor has.

Comparison of floors with different types of coverings

Among all types of floor coverings currently on the market, vinyl is the most important. In terms of sales, it is ahead of - for a long time, the most popular floor coverings, which include ceramic tiles, wood and laminate floors. Why is it like that?

A floor covering that will not be damaged by water

Has it ever happened to you that there is a flood or the heating has burst and the entire room has been flooded? This situation is unpleasant, but you should take it into account when decorating your home. If a suitable floor covering is used that is not damaged by water, resources and worry can be saved in the event of a failure. Not to mention other problems, such as molds that like moisture.

The floor - the most important element of the facility

One of the most important elements of the building is the floor. The floor is its top layer, which is why it is exposed to a number of various loads (their size and type depends on the specificity of the rooms). The implementation of the floor involves significant costs, which should be considered as the sum of expenses for its installation and operation (including maintenance, restoration and possible renovation).

New + old = success

Most of the old concrete floors or unfinished or poorly prepared floor underlays quickly lose their functional qualities - both technical and aesthetic. Then their degradation progresses faster and faster, and the costs of possible restoration to proper parameters and appearance begin to resemble a well. More than once it seems the only option is to remove the whole thing and do it all over again, which means that often a significant amount of our money will end up in the container and landfill. This is where the Speedfloor flooring solution comes in handy. This solution, although in most cases does not even require gluing, is perfect where other solutions have to yield or would be very expensive and time-consuming.

The floor is a showcase of the company

We see it especially in plants that are wholly or jointly owned by foreign investors. A nice, aesthetic, easy-to-clean floor is one of the important elements building the company's image as a clean, well-organized and well-organized company. And not only in the eyes of business partners - customers or suppliers, but also among their own employees.

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